Meet the 15 startups joining the first cohort of Endeavor Jordan's 'SURGE' on MAGNiTT

Endeavor Jordan has announced the selection of 15 High-Potential Growth Companies (HPGCs) to join the first cohort of SURGE (Scale-up Roadmap for Growing Enterprises), a three-year program co-funded by the European Union’s Innovation for Enterprise Growth and Jobs program (Innovate Jordan).

The selection came after a multi-step selection process, ending with a virtual pitch event to panelists representing all implementing partners.

SURGE, which is implemented by a consortium led by Endeavor Jordan (not for profit) and includes Oasis500 and BeyondCapital, aims to foster the demand-driven growth and scaling of 45 HPGCs, 15 companies per year, throughout the three years. It will focus on strengthening their core business functions and assisting them to identify and seize new market opportunities.

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Meet the 15 selected startups 

● Medmac - specializes in the formulation of agrochemicals and veterinary products.
● Sager - Equips consumers/businesses with the skills for maximizing utility/profits through the use of drones. 
● Aumet - marketplace selling SME's medical manufacturers' products directly to healthcare providers.
● Repzo - mobile sales CRM app for iPhone and Android devices.
● Tamatem Games - mobile games publisher, handling all localization, marketing, monetization, and support.
● CertaCure - IT solutions provider focused on healthcare businesses
● Maqsam - Cloud Telephony for MENA.
● Little Thinking Minds - Edtech that creates advanced digital solutions and resources for school-aged children
● Amina’s Natural Skincare - An organic skincare startup. 
● Whyise - Provides smart tools to enable evidence-based decision making for exponential impact.
● Eon Dental - Manufacturer of clear aligners – low-cost, plastic orthodontic devices used to adjust teeth. 
● Qistas - Online reference for Arab legal content. 
● Jobedu - Streetwear commerce brand that allows youth to express themselves.
● POSRocket - Provides businesses with an intuitive, user-friendly, cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) platform.
● Yousef Afandi - A brand that is re-imagining the local men’s barbershop experience. 

Those selected will benefit from a wide range of custom-tailored services aimed at improving core business functions and enhancing access to finance and markets. This support will follow a 9 - 12-month roadmap devised for each HPGC based on their imminent needs to support their growth and market expansion efforts.

The services will tackle a variety of business challenges and will include:

● Mentorship
● One-on-one coaching
● Training
● Advisory 
● In-house consulting

These will be delivered by seasoned local and international subject matter experts. 

This support will be extended to the founder(s) and the core management team of each HPGC to maximize growth potential. Additionally, and by leveraging Endeavor’s global network, SURGE will support the entrepreneurs’ efforts towards achieving their goals of market expansion and access to capital.

This cohort has companies spanning across 6 sectors including: Agriculture, Commerce (Retail & Consumer Tech), Education, Enterprise Software & Services, Fintech, and Healthcare.

As for geographical presence, 10% of the selected companies have operations outside the capital Amman, specifically in Irbid and Jerash.

Moreover, 40% of HPGCs in this cohort are either women-owned or are focused on creating women-friendly jobs, significantly surpassing the 20% requirement.

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