#Meet The Mentors - Driven By Volkswagen


STEP Conference attendees in Dubai took speed coaching sessions with some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the Middle East offering up the expertise, experiences, and lessons they've learned along the way. #MeetTheMentors


How To Build Branding

Featuring Christian Eid, Senior Brand Director at Noon & Alper Atakul, Co-Founder of NxtWish


How To Seize Opportunities

Featuring Bassel Al Nahlaoui, Managing Director at Careem & Gaurav Biswas, CEO at TruKKer


How To Connect

Featuring Philip Bahoshy, Founder and CEO at MAGNiTT & Laetitia Tissot, Founder at Bridgz


The Power Of Collaboration

Featuring Mona Tavassoli, Founder and CEO at Mompreneurs ME & Justina Eitzinger, Founder at Travelini


How To Build Good Partner Relations

Featuring Khalid Al Khudair, Founder and CEO at Glowork & Julie Leblan, Founder & CEO at mylist


How To Stand Out

Featuring Badr Ward, CEO at Lamsa


How To Sell Yourself

Featuring Sami Eltamawy, CEO at Insydo & Mouin Gedeon, Marketing Director at Soul Artists


Working With Data

Featuring Georges Aoude, CEO at Derq & Ahmed Madkor, CTO at Com-IoT Technologies