Meet Flat6Labs Tunis Fifth Cycle Startups

Flat6Labs Tunis celebrated its 5th acceleration cycle on Wednesday May 13th by organizing its first virtual Demo Day in Tunisia!

8 innovative startups presented their projects in front of thousands of viewers including regional investors, governmental representatives, well-known Tech figures from across the region as well as members of the press who were keen on witnessing the progress of the cycle’s startups.

In partnership with Meninx Holding, the Tunisian American Enterprise Fund, BIAT and the IFC, Flat6Labs Tunis has invested more than 10 million Tunisian Tunisian Dinars since its launch to support 36 startups, with the aim of creating the next wave of entrepreneurs developing innovative solutions and applications, becoming a one-of-a-kind localized program harnessing & scaling innovation; effectively and swiftly contributing to the Tunisian ecosystem growth

Established in 6 countries, the program of Flat6Labs in Tunisia offers several investment tickets up to 800 thousand Tunisian Tunisian Dinars. It welcomes startups working in various sectors oriented towards innovation and the knowledge economy, including education, energy, transport, fintech, green tech, ICT, electronics and industrial solutions.
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During this 5th cycle of acceleration which started last October, Flat6Labs Tunisia supported the following eight startups: 

Auto-plus: Platform helping individuals and car dealers to buy and sell their used cars online

Junior Robotics Lab: Cloud-based platform that helps schools teach children the basic concepts of robotics and coding.

Onboard: OnBoard helps industries transform their instruction manuals to 3D, immersive and intelligent manuals.

SeekMake: Online marketplace linking CNC, Laser, and 3D printing machine owners with designers and end users.

Sghartoon: Educational language app for children that detects signs of dyslexia using interactive content, games and stories.

Sqoin: Blockchain startup helping companies with high frequency micro-payments to considerably reduce transaction fees. A platform that enables anyone to watch online video courses to learn from experts anywhere at any time.

Wantotrip: International travel booking platform that connects community leaders with like-minded people to travel on amazing trips

"Our program is renewed every six months, to offer to new Tunisian entrepreneurs the opportunity to benefit from an investment of 200 thousand Tunisian Dinars, a global coaching and support during the different stages of their project" says Yehia Houry, Managing Director of Flat6Labs Tunis. 

Through its expansive and wide-reaching network and numerous partnerships, Flat6Labs provides Tunisian entrepreneurs with seed funding, strategic mentorship, office space, a multitude of perks and services from partners, and entrepreneurship-focused business training and development workshops, all engineered to prepare companies to be investment-ready within four months.

With Mawdoo3, Jamalon, and HyperPay raising a combined $33M in total funding in 2019, it was a record year by funding for the Jordanian startup ecosystem. Learn more about one of MENA's oldest ecosystems in our 2019 Jordan Venture Investment Report.