MedTech startup Datapathology raises $232K

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The Casablanca-based MedTech platform, providing remote pathology consultation, DataPathology has successfully raised $232K in its latest funding round led by WitamaxOne, the investment firm jointly backed by Southbridge A&I and AXXAM Family Office.

Founded in 2020 by Pathologist Dr. Hicham El Attar and his partner Mohammed El Khannoussi, DataPathology set forth to fight the lack and delay of the Diagnosis of cancer patients in medically underserved countries. The Morocco-based team aspires to deliver pathological diagnoses in a quick and secure fashion to patients.  A process that involves carrying out a biopsy, scanning, and transferring the patient’s digital file in a secure and anonymous way to the medical team for diagnosis.

Despite a 30% YoY dip in VC funding invested in the Healthcare sector over H1 2021, Healthcare startups across EVMs observed a 24% increase in transactions closed. In MENA, driven by deal momentum in geographies like UAE and Egypt, collectively accounting for 66% of all transactions closed in H1’21, the Healthcare industry closed half the amount of deals in  FY 2020.


The Datapathology team is made up of pathologists and digital specialists developing and dispatching digital solutions to help customers deliver pathological diagnosis remotely, in a swift, safe, and efficient manner. Through a network of renowned Moroccan and international pathologists, the team builds partnerships with key players in the Digital Pathology market including Scanner, image processing, and Artificial Intelligence entities, to develop and implement high-performance diagnosis solutions curated for every patient case. 

The MedTech startup will deploy the funds towards the transformation of pathological diagnosis systems while improving the services provided to patients and practitioners.

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