MAGNiTT’s Startup Directory: 3 hacks to help you become a more effective founder

Creating, funding, and running your own startup, as many of you reading this will know, can be a long, sleepless, and stressful, but rewarding time. To research and be aware of all of the verticals in the scene in which you are diving and scaling into can be another worry, which you may not have as much time to contribute towards. How do you grow your business, maintain your cash flow, and keep your investors happy whilst staying on top of all of the data that’s constantly flying around MENA’s startup scene?

Enter MAGNiTT.

After gathering extensive feedback from founders and investors, we have launched our refreshed startup directory which helps founders actively and effectively search for funding, scope their competition, and understand their industry at a deeper level. As for investors, we’ve listened and are here to help you stay up-to-date on leads and streamline the process of picking the very best startups.

To that effect, we’ve listed how MAGNiTT’s Startup Directory can help solve your pain points, enrich your team, and ultimately make you more of an effective founder, as well as investor with 3 simple hacks. We’ve cut down on some of the pain of the due diligence you have to do, so that you can focus your efforts elsewhere!

1. Track your competitors or identify potential mergers

Have you been struggling to identify your competitors? Are you looking to audit either for fundraising purposes or to see if there is a possibility for a merger and acquisition? With over 14,000 startups in our Startup Directory, you can filter by Industry and Geography in order to pinpoint your competition and learn about how they are targeting the challenges you both are solving. 

You can also use the funding filters to identify if your competitors have received funding, the amount raised,who is leading or has led their rounds, and more. As for investors, this tool will link you to the most compatible investments by providing an overview of the founder, an insight into their business model, and an understanding of their long-term goals. 

2. Build your business development pipeline

You can identify startups that are potential business leads and connect to their founders with ease. Generating sales is key to a startup's growth, and we’re here to help you cherry-pick! Don’t waste your time finding the hottest leads for your business development needs. Instead, use our Geography, Stage, and Industry filters to narrow down your search and find those startups that fit your criteria. 

You’re also able to source the startups by the total amount of funding received and by date. We bring you transparency by listing all of the vital information about a startup to help you connect to the right decision-makers, and make you more of an effective founder. 

3. Discover who’s investing in your industry

Lastly, do you want to see which startups are in their Series A or Growth Stage? If you’re looking to gain a better understanding of your industry and the different stages, we’ve got you covered! Narrow down your search by using the Industry, Stage, and Funding Filters to get an idea of what startups are similar to you and who invested in them. This will help you gain more of an understanding of which investor you can reach out to for your own startup. 

Being in the MENA region and in a fragmented ecosystem, we’re here to help you navigate through it all and have the confidence to reach out to founders and investors alike, so that your journey can be simple and gratifying! Our startup directory is the most active in the region with founders ranging from different backgrounds, gender, stage of startup, industry, location, and more. Our community is continuously growing as more founders are onboarded, as well as investors joining us to discover new deal-flow, and we are supporting them through it all.

If you want to do all of this and more in order to become more of an effective founder and leader, create your free MAGNiTT profile by registering here.

We know that fundraising for your startup can be challenging, and we want to help! We recently created our $49 Fundraiser subscription for founders like you to identify investors, track competitors, and to do due diligence on funders. Find out more and sign up for our fundraiser subscription.

If you would like to upgrade, we have also launched a new Scouter Subscription at $399 per month. This package is designed for more established startups that are fundraising and also as a tool for business developers to identify new customers.