#MAGNiTTJourneys - Omar Kassim


Omar Kassim, the founder of Jado Pado and Esanjo, got his first PC at the age of 7. He grew up disassembling and reassembling his PC because he was tired of having to go to Bur Dubai to get someone to take a look at it when something had gone wrong. That was when Omar fell in love with technology. This experience defined the rest of his life.
JadoPado, an online marketplace, was an effort to bring toghether people globally to buy and sell. Omar describes JadoPado as a technology business that happens to be doing e-commerce. After JadoPado got acquired by noon Omar started his new venture, Esanjo, a startup that will digitize the region's real estate market using blockchain technology. And so Omar moves on to his next journey in the startup world. 
Congrats to Omar Kassim on his journey!
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