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MAGNiTT has been built on the support of hungry and ambitious interns and firmly believes in supporting the progress of fresh graduates. As we move into the summer months, we would like to continue this approach with the launch of our Summer 2021 Internship Program! The program is for candidates looking to work and learn from MAGNiTT's growing experience.

We like to think that everyone at MAGNiTT is smart, ambitious, and friendly. You will be joining a fast-paced, hands-on, constantly evolving environment that will never get boring. You'll be working with smart, creative, and inspiring individuals.

Our goal is to create something pretty epic. Are you up for the challenge?

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Hear from former interns turned full-time MAGNiTT employees:

Fun fact: 5 interns have converted to full-time roles at MAGNiTT over the last 3 years

"Joining MAGNiTT as an intern has not only helped me focus on what I want to work on in the future, but also how important it is to have a good team around you to support and push you day in and day out." 
Amer Bulbul, former Operations Intern, current Junior Customer Success Executive

"As someone who had firsthand experienced the old adage about internships being a glorified term for ‘coffee-maker’, I can safely say that is anything but the case at MAGNiTT. From being entrusted to deliver on projects involving multiple stakeholders to having the freedom to make and implement suggestions for departmental improvements, an internship at MAGNiTT is a great stepping stone to enter the world of work."  
Asad Sheikh, former Marketing & Research Intern, current Marketing Analyst

Roles available:

Research Intern

• Data: support with the data analysis and due diligence process of disclosed deals
• Market research: assist MAGNiTT in its expansion journey to new markets by conducting market analysis 
• Assist in the creation of reports, data-driven articles, and current projects within the Research team

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Strategy Intern

• Competitor landscape analysis – Africa, Turkey, Pakistan, SEA including MENA
• Market Analysis – Venture funding and monetization potential
• Strategy analysis – Operating model review of competitors and landscape
• Presentations on market overviews to MAGNiTT CEO and Management team

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Social Media Intern

• Assist with the design and execution of social media campaigns
• Create and distribute daily content image/videos on all social media platforms
• Manage and interact with MAGNiTT’s social community
• Track social media engagement to identify high-performing ideas and campaigns for scalability

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BD Intern

• Prospecting of clients in the corporate, government, big tech, and investor landscape
• Support in the preparation of presentations for BD purposes
• Client management and feedback gathering from existing clients
• Work with BDM and Customer Success Team on follow-ups with prospects

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