Let's get down to data: A new monthly solution to help consolidate venture investment data

With constant venture investment activity across multiple markets, we at MAGNiTT have introduced our new Dashboard solution to help consolidate all of this activity and allow you to save time on carrying out your own due diligence and research. The Dashboard provides a high-level snapshot of the month's venture activity, complete with comprehensive and easy-to-digest graphs and charts. 

Request custom, personalised data charts:

If you're on the hunt for something tailored more towards your needs, get in touch and we'll get back shortly to help create your own personalised data export. 

The charts illustrate, but are not limited to:

 Yearly, quarterly, and monthly analysis of venture activity across each market
Deal and funding split per country 
Deal and funding split per industry
A list of the top 10 funding rounds 
A list of the last 5 rolling exits, including acquisition amount (when disclosed)
● List and ranking of the most active investors


Our new solution is ideal for investors tracking activity, consultants looking to identify trends, government entities searching for investments or those who simply do not have time to be sifting, sorting, and reading through pages of detailed information. The charts provide a simple snapshot look into the venture landscape's numbers from the previous month.

Every chart is clickable, so if you want to delve deeper into the data provided, click on one to be redirected to MAGNiTT. 

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January 2021 Venture Investment Dashboard:

Check out a snippet of our first Dashboard and discover some of the key highlights:

● MENA: Drops in both deal and funding activity compared to January 2020
● Turkey:  Surge in funding activity thanks to a $100M+ Mega Deal
● Pakistan: An increase in funding activity but a drop in the number of deals, an effect of COVID-19

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