MAGNiTT Launches Perks Platform For Startups

MAGNiTT launches Perks platform for startups


Startup founders need to “hustle” on a daily basis, whether it be getting new customers, finding the right talent or speaking to investors. Some of the biggest gains come from benefits that make life just a little bit easier or just a little bit cheaper. That’s where we come to help! And the best part is, all you need is a MAGNiTT profile.


What is it?

We are pleased to launch our perks platform, allowing founders to apply to unique benefits that support their startup simply by using their profile. We have reached out to multiple partners across the ecosystem including tech companies, office spaces and legal firms to provide a unique benefit to MAGNiTT registered startups that they can avail using a few simple steps.


You can discover the full list of perks at the following:


For our BETA launch these currently include the likes of AWS, Linkedin, ADGM and AstroLabs.


How to apply?

Very simple, follow the following steps:


1. Select your PERK: Discover what they offer HERE

2. Select your startup: If you have a startup profile on MAGNiTT, select it to proceed. If you don’t simply create your startup’s profile on MAGNiTT

3. Submit your application: Complete the form and wait to hear back from the service provider on next steps


Who is participating?


Currently we have launched the BETA with 20+ offers. Below you can find them by type:


Startup Enablers











Office space:

One Business Centre






Company support:





Legal & Accounting Services:

Support Legal

V7 Accounting


Want to participate?

We have launched with a pilot offering but are looking to expand. All you have to do is share a unique offer for MAGNiTT users that they can avail of!

To submit your perk please complete the following form HERE