MAGNiTT-ise your startup goals in 2021

What a year that was. From the highs and lows, the lockdowns and the homeschooling, it's definitely a year we will never forget. On a more personal note, we had a noteworthy year here at MAGNiTT; from significantly increasing our team to pushing those numbers sky-high (we are a data platform after all), we managed to group together and stay on the right track. However, it's important to note that with the year we have had, it's not always about pinpointing the success, but instead, recognising the knowledge you have gained from the hardships along the way.    

To that effect, we believe now is the right opportunity to highlight eight of the key updates made to the MAGNiTT platform in 2020 that have stepped into 2021 with us, and will help to align your startup goals this year. 

Keep reading to discover how these new features, upgrades, and solutions will best help serve you.

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01. Expanded to Emerging Venture Markets

At MAGNiTT, we believe that emerging venture markets are often under-served from a data perspective. Subsequently, to help solve this, we expanded to Turkey and Pakistan in H2 of last year as we continue to build the first venture data platform for emerging markets.

As a result, the MAGNiTT platform now includes 2,305 startups and 966 funding rounds from Turkey and 433 startups and 218 funding rounds from Pakistan. 

Access the Startup and Funding Round Directories to filter by the relevant country to access all of the data.

02. Further consolidation of the MENA market

We may have expanded beyond our MENA borders, but that doesn't mean we've forgotten about our home base. MAGNiTT now has 16,500+ Startups, 3,000+ Investors/Accelerators, and 5,500+ Funding Rounds on the platform.

View data based on the startups' industry focus, development stage, and more. Alongside this, track competitors, build business development pipelines, compare funding rounds, and even apply for funding.

03. A new solution for Founders

Last year, we added a new MAGNiTT solution to our package of subscriptions in an effort to provide further support to startup founders.  

The Fundraiser solution aids founders in identifying investors with access to data that can support their fundraise, carry out competitor analysis, submit funding applications to investors, and more.   

Learn more about the Fundraiser solution and access a FREE trial today

04. A record year for Research Reports

In 2020, our dedicated Research team published a record 35 reports across various industries, geographies, and venture in the year. 

That means we've covered Jordan to Lebanon, Fintech to Digitainment, H1 to Q3, and everything in between. MAGNiTT Reports can help you to track historical trends, gain personal insights into a particular industry, compare activity by country, and more.  

We are proud of the ground we've covered, but are aware that there is always more to be done, so watch this space.

05. Integrated Research Charts 

On that note, to kick off the near year and to continue placing data at the forefront of everything we do, we've introduced a new clickable feature to all of our reports where users can easily access further data in real-time.

Maybe you want to check out the latest funding rounds, view who the latest VC on the scene is, or compare data by year? Simply click on any of the charts included within a report to be directed to a live data feed. 

Check out all MAGNiTT Research Reports.

06. Four data Directories

We have split our data Directories by:

StartupsInvestorsFunding RoundsExits

Breaking down the data into 4 clear directions will ensure that our data is as comprehensive as possible, as well as provide a smoother user experience for you. Click on one of the above and use one or more of our filters, including location, industry, and year to carry out due diligence, analyse the investor landscape, access total funding amounts, and more. 

07. Increased Investor Applications 

We are incredibly proud of our investor application tool and being the bridge between a startup and their next potential funding round and investor. To that effect, 2020 witnessed 6,459 applications to investors and we now host 100+ investors on the platform to help with the deal flow to startups. 

Apply for funding by inputting your industry, location, and stage focus which will result in a curated feed of all your potential relevant investors. The tool also highlights each individual investor's response rate. 

08. A world of Webinars

When COVID-19 hit and we were forced to backtrack into our homes from the office, we took the decision to support the ecosystem by introducing engaging weekly Webinars. The 25 Webinars that we hosted through 2020 covered a range of topics, from managing staff in times of crisis and advice for young entrepreneurs, to insights on the KSA startup scene and when to push, pause, or pivot.

Catch up on all MAGNiTT Webinars and stay tuned for more in 2021.

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