MAGNiTT interviews Gamiphy CEO and Co-Founder, Aws Alnabulsi

Gamiphy is an innovative digital loyalty and gamification platform designed for ecommerce businesses to offer their customers incentives and rewards that ensure high engagement and retention levels. Recently, the Palestinian company secured a six-figure pre-series A investment round, and MAGNiTT caught up with Gamiphy CEO and Co-Founder, Aws Alnabulsi for an exlusive interview: 

1) To start, tell us briefly about Gamiphy in layman's terms. How exactly does it work?

Gamiphy is simply a set of software tools that help businesses in their marketing and sales strategies. You can think of Gamiphy as the modern way to implement the well-known traditional loyalty cards, and give employee incentives.


2) What's Gamiphy's big-picture vision for the future?

We are looking to become the future engine of retail. we're connecting the online and offline worlds, mapping the data of consumers, and allowing for more and more personalization of marketing and sales activities. Retail marketing and sales is going to be all about personalization.


3) Safe to assume that after this latest funding round, Gamiphy is going to have some exciting growth plans. Can you share some of Gamiphy's plans for expansion with us (geographic, product, talent)?

Considering Kuwait as a place of birth for our business operations, we are committed to serve the Kuwaiti market to its full potential, we are now preparing for a sequential expansion to the UAE, Qatar, Oman, and KSA. In parallel, we are growing our market presence in Latin America through establishing partnerships with various agencies and resellers

As a product expansion plan, our backlog is packed with exciting features we have been designing. Most importantly I would like to highlight that we are adding more product capabilities to connect with the brick and mortar stores through their POS systems, as well as adding strong data analysis and mapping algorithms to allow for more efficient and effective marketing


4) What were you looking for from your investors, beyond capital?

I was looking for a success partner, which means:

- Business advice

- Connections, network access and opening doors

- Support in fundraising future rounds

We found all of that :)


5) Finally, what advice would you give yourself 5 years ago?

To not wait for the perfect moment to start, to go out of the building, build a network, talk to customers as soon as possible.

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