What’s on the horizon? Philip Bahoshy on MAGNiTT’s expansion plans and the state of venture capital data

For the better part of last year, we at MAGNiTT have been referencing venture investment in Emerging Venture Markets (EVMs). My vision for MAGNiTT is to become the reference for venture investment, data, and analysis across Emerging Venture Markets. How do we define these markets? EVMs are geographies and ecosystems outside of the United States and Europe where we see hyper-growth and more nascent development of the ecosystem. 

However, when you look at the challenges, opportunities, and most importantly access to credible and reliable data, the existing platforms underserve the opportunities in these new venture markets. We took a leap last year and started covering Pakistan and Turkey by using our knowledge and experience in MENA to guide that expansion. Our next step is to expand to Sub Saharan Africa, South East Asia, and Eastern Europe. 

As a firm believer in data-driving decisions, let me show you the numbers:

Venture Capital has grown 10x across Emerging Venture Markets in the last 5 years. This is compared to the Global Venture Capital space that has only grown 2x over the same time period. We also anticipate that this rate of growth is only like to accelerate as Governments, Corporates, and other key stakeholders further invest in Venture as an asset class. 

Yet access to credible, reliable, and accurate information for stakeholders in the space is still lacking today. This is the gap that MAGNiTT is on a mission to fill, but with a core focus on data analytics. 

As MAGNiTT continues to grow, we're looking to strengthen our team and proposition in order to become the reference point for venture data across all these Emerging Venture Markets (EVMs). 

We have supported decision-makers in MENA with making informed decisions based on relevant and verified venture data and equip them with the tools they need to source startups, identify investors, contact leads, conduct market research, and more. As we are expanding into new geographies we are looking to do the same in all EVMs, breaking down historical norms and barriers to entry to further build out the market. 

If data analytics is our core product, our team is MAGNiTT’s core. We hold a firm belief that talent is the key to the success of such a proposition and of any startup. We have and continue to be sourcing and onboarding ambitious team members who are keen to make a difference, as MAGNiTT looks ahead to become the go-to platform for startup data in the EVM ecosystem.

Work at MAGNiTT

We like to think that everyone at MAGNiTT is smart, ambitious, and friendly. You will be joining a fast-paced, hands-on, constantly evolving environment that will never get boring with people who are obsessed with data and analytics. The goal is to create something pretty epic. Are you up for the challenge?

To grow our team and further strengthen our product, we're looking to hire the following roles:

• Data Visualization Specialist: As MENA’s leading data platform data is key to our business, which is why we're looking for a hungry and driven Data Visualization Specialist who can help shape our research and dashboard proposition.

• English Content Editor: Our Content Editor will become a key member of our Marketing team, aiming to unlock the platform’s potential. Your role will be to drive content to the Emerging Market Startup community while building MAGNiTT's brand.

• HR Manager: We're looking for a talented HR Manager with startup experience, to lead the department and manage, develop and implement HR processes to improve the company on a daily basis.

• Marketing Executive: The right candidate for this role is someone with experience in writing, editing, and building email strategies for an engaging and specialized audience and can drive engagement and subscriptions towards our newsletters.

• User Success Specialist: User Support is a key driver to the growth of our platform, and we want a driven and charismatic User Success Specialist who can engage with current and prospective users of the platform to ensure they have an awesome experience and learn how to use all the benefits and features of MAGNiTT.

2021 Summer Internship Program

MAGNiTT has been built on the support of hungry and ambitious interns and firmly believes in supporting the progress of fresh graduates. As we move into the summer months, we would like to continue this approach with the launch of our Summer 2021 Internship Program. 

The program is for candidates looking to work and learn from MAGNiTT's growing experience and will focus on the following key areas: Research, Strategy, Social Media, and HR.

Get more details and apply to become an intern

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