MAGNiTT : Leveraging the Power of Tailored Data

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At MAGNiTT, we’re continuously exploring how best to support decision-makers on their venture pursuits across our Emerging Venture Markets. Working with big Tech, consultants, investors, and government initiatives over the years not only honed our perspectives on the right data in the right medium but also added immense value to our product offering through consistent introduction and uplift of our data-driven products.

As we near the end of the year, and with decision-makers making their final calls and setting up their projections for 2022, we take some time to break down our platform’s comprehensive advantage: from diagnosis to data-driven decision making.







Identify Targets

MAGNiTT gives you a holistic view of every industry across every geography within the Emerging Venture Markets we cover. With 21,000+ startups emerging from MENA, Pakistan, Turkey, and most recently Africa, your search for an investment target starts with your very own prospecting tools. The startup directory is equipped with 30+ refined filters including geography, industry, startup stage, and even business type. Allowing you to pick your filtered target market, spotting leads in the most intricate criteria available. 

Identify Partners 

In finding investors for your next business venture, gaining access to a real-time directory across Emerging Venture Markets is the optimal place to start. With 5,500+ local, regional, and global investors covering public and private entrepreneurship arms, VC firms, as well as enablers and accelerators your go-to match is fully at your disposal. 

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Gain Market Insight 
Here’s where your ideas and input, along with our data-driven tailored solutions coverage to unleash the full potential of your search. Gaining market insight is the key anchor to any venture attempt, where gaining access to a consolidated platform covering real-time VC activity across MENA, Turkey, Pakistan and Africa becomes crucial. 

At MAGNiTT, we have aggregated 7,500+ funding rounds of all sizes and natures including angel investments, equity investment, mergers & acquisitions, and alternative funding. At the core of this comprehensive data offering, is an opportunity to track, benchmark, and project trends across Emerging Venture Markets. 

In engaging with any of the aforementioned directories, MAGNiTT allows you to customize the data exhibited by adding custom columns of your choice. For example, if you’re looking at the funding round directory you can add the startup HQ and total funding raised to the forefront. This paves the way for your Data Export exercise, where you can easily download your tailored data offline for easy access wherever you go. 

In order to efficiently serve your inquiries, we have not only opened up our platform for fully-tailored data solutions but also curated and designed mediums that can help you visualize them on Macro and Micro levels:  

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Data Charts

Our real-time data charts not only help you visualize the VC landscapes in question but also allow you to manipulate the data sets to polish your findings. Our data charts offer a comprehensive view of geographies, industries, and startup stages. 

Via the data charts, you can learn about funding, acquisition, and growth of startup and VC ecosystems in any of the geographies for any select period of time. 

Data Reports 

Our tailored data reports provide a deep dive into geographies and industries released monthly, half-yearly, and quarterly. By traversing the executive summaries, seamless visualized data, and consolidated data sets for benchmarking, you’ll be constantly updated with ecosystem trajectories and investor hot spots. 

Subscribing to the MAGNiTT platform is equivalent to partnering with MAGNiTT team, leveraging our team capacities, knowledge, and expertise as well as our regional presence and coverage. 

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