LUNCH:ON Ranked in Crunchbase’s Top 50 Hot Tech Companies Globally

Crunchbase, one of the leading business intelligence platforms for investments and funding, has ranked LUNCH:ON in its annual survey of the world’s 50 hot tech companies, making LUNCH:ON the only company from the region to receive this recognition.


Crunchbase mined its own extensive database on funding and investment activity, performance, and industry trends to carefully curate the Top 50 list. Each company on the list raised between $5 million and $20 million in the last six months. 


Co-Founder Dana Baki reacted to the survey, stating, “This is fantastic news and yet another vote of confidence for LUNCH:ON. It’s great to see an organization like Crunchbase recognizing what we have known all along—the value of technology enabling customers to order great food at low prices. LUNCH:ON has pioneered the consolidation of orders to create a win-win for restaurants and customers alike, where restaurants benefit from simplified operations while customers benefit from easy ordering and a heavily discounted cost of AED25 per meal.”


“This year is proving to be a very exciting one for LUNCH:ON, not only have we closed our series A round, but we have also seen remarkable week-on-week growth, expansion into new markets, and hugely successful new product features, such as our LUNCH:ON Pro subscription” said Co-Founder Mohammad Al Zaben. The company’s third Co-founder, Awn Ali added, “We are truly honoured to be ranked by Crunchbase on this year’s top 50 list. This news is testament to the strength of our business model and technology which enable thousands of meals to be delivered to office locations across multiple cities, all within a half-hour window. As we head into 2020, we will continue to build on our technology to improve operational efficiencies and scale into more  markets.”


In addition to this accolade, Endeavor, the world’s most exclusive network for entrepreneurs and start-ups, recently selected LUNCH:ON to join its community of high-impact entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, and business leaders, marking the latest in a series of high-profile recognitions for this rapidly-growing company.

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