Legal For Fundraising Startups

In this Webinar, MAGNiTT hosts Donya Fredj, Clara’s Legal Director for an intensive & quick-fire round of questions from MAGNiTT’s Community Manager, Noor Salama. 

We ask questions from the perspective of the fundraising founder thinking about, or currently raising, an early-stage funding round for their startup.

With the immense challenge of covering ‘all you need to know’ in under 30 minutes - this is what Donya managed to explain (with enough time for a Q&A at the end! -- but not enough time for all the questions).


TL;DR. We covered: 

- Legal things that need to be in place BEFORE fundraising (Incorporation, IP, Founders’ Agreements)

- Fundraising options: Equity vs. Debt (KISS, SAFE, convertible note) and the advantages and disadvantages of each 

- Fundraising documents (term-sheets, SHAs, SSAs)

- The almost $1m question: How much both fundraising options cost & who pays for it 

- And, finally, when should you engage legal counsel?

- & lots of really good questions.

Let us know if you’d like us to do a Part 2 of our Legal for Fundraising Webinar by connecting with, and messaging Noor on MAGNiTT!

Here are some insights from the polls we launched during the webinar:


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