Laundry and dry cleaning app has secured seed funding after completing the Flat6Labs Abu Dhabi's training programme.

A graduate from Flat6Labs Abu Dhabi has received $400,000 in seed funding to continue the development of its mobile-based on-demand laundry business.

Washmen, a UAE-based laundry and dry cleaning app, will use the funding to further address inefficiencies in the country’s laundry market.

The app allows customers to choose 30-minute time-slots for pick-ups and drop-offs at their own convenience, including selecting delivery as quick as next day.

Payment is made with a credit card, and the app has been enjoying a double digit growth week-on-week since the launch in October.

Speaking about their pricing structure, Rami Shaar, co-founder and CEO, said: “Our goal is provide a swift, reliable, high-quality experience in the UAE, where service is often unreliable.

“There is a misconception in the market that higher prices imply higher quality.

After vetting many suppliers and visiting their facilities, we identified this strong disconnect and made it a pillar of our service to deliver the best quality at the price customers deserve to pay. We care deeply about making laundry an enjoyable experience.”

A former investment banker, Shaar previously worked as a manager at Uber where he launched its presence in Jeddah and restructured the company’s Abu Dhabi operations.


To set up Washmen, he teamed up with Jad Halaoui, COO at Washmen, who gained a wealth of experience in the customer service focused environment at Schlumberger in Canada and Norway.

Explaining why he decided to invest in Washmen, Dr. Ali Dayekh, a Saudi angel investor, said: “Execution, execution, execution. A reliable on-demand laundry service is an obvious consumer need that is currently being tackled by the most capable execution-oriented team.

“The founders have a strong experience in on-demand logistics and are obsessed with making customers happy.”

The Washmen app is now available for iOS and Android.

Source: Arabian Business