Krypto Labs Launches The EdTech Innovations Startup Contest With US$270,000 In Prizes

By Entrepreneur ME 


SOURCE: Entrepreneur ME - Krypto Labs Launches The EdTech Innovations Startup Contest With US$270,000 In Prizes

Abu Dhabi-based all-in-one business technology incubator and accelerator Krypto Labs is looking to develop and nurture the region's educational ventures by launching its EdTech Innovations Startup Contest 2018, which will be looking for skilled individuals, teams, university students and companies globally in the field of education technology. 

Stressing on the significance of leveraging technology in the field of education (especially the applications of new age tech such as artificial intelligence), to positively impact areas like "curriculum applications, universal access to classrooms, data applications, lifelong learning applications, supplemental applications, and behavioral analytics applications," the challenge will award up to US$150,000 in funding to the winning startup, in addition to $20,000 awarded to each star startup of the 6 categories, amounting to a total of US$270,000. As for some of the key aspects that will help your application make it through, Krypto Labs says that the idea you put forward must relate to Artificial Intelligence, must be able to disrupt or support current education ecosystem, should be a for-profit idea, and must be submitted in English.

Dr. Saleh Al Hashemi,MD, Krypto Labs. Image credit: Krypto Labs.

Commneting on the contest, Dr. Saleh Al Hashemi, Managing Director, Krypto Labs, said in a statement, “Our world is changing at a rapid pace, and it is our duty to adapt to all the changes occurring in our current time. Education continues to be a valuable and crucial asset to our evolvement as a species. With this in mind, we need to consider furthering education as we know it, and expanding the horizon of what needs to be taught, how it can be taught, and the appropriate training that comes along. I believe that this contest, along with other incredible contests created by Krypto Labs, will set the wheels in motion for the movement that will help keep us abreast with the changes in the world around us.”

Applications for the contest will open on August 15--stay tuned to the challenge's official page here for more details.