Keepface enters global 500 network

Press Release 

Keepface Influencer Marketing Platform has recently gained a strong partner in its seed investment round, raising USD 150K from 500 STARTUPS - one of the most active seed stage venture capital firms in the world.

Keepface founders aim to close the seed round by the end of May 2019.

A year ago Keepface raised 300K from a venture capital firm in Dubai and reached 18000 registered influencer network allowing brands to address to 1.7 billion audience. Keepface R&D team developed AI-Driven Detection Engine to crawl social media platforms, spot best performing micro-influencers and bring them to the network. Keepface has provided influencer services for many international companies, such as P&G, Mondelez, Samsung, Coca-Cola Company, McDonalds, Danone, PepsiCo., Toyota and hundreds of SMEs and online businesses.

“Creating a marketplace is a very challenging task, but we have managed to “crack” this industry and found our secret sauce. With a unique business strategy aimed at cooperating with exporting brands and offering them cross-country influencer marketing, we are acting as a market shaper in developing markets. Fueled by smart-money, we plan to sharpen our focus on attracting new-era companies, which sell online internationally .With a new model of performance based brand-influencer collaboration we will guarantee attractive marketing ROI for online brands and open  wide range of long-term cooperation opportunities for influencers. To enable brands to find the most relevant and best performing micro-influencers, we will sharpen our match-making algorithm harnessing the power and flexibility of modern machine learning techniques” says Elshad Yusifli, co-founder and CTO of Keepface.

Keepface is a marketplace to help brands collaborating with influencers to boost marketing ROI in emerging markets of MENA, CIS and LATAM regions.

Keepface has also been accepted to 3rd Batch of the MENA Dojo program launched by 500. Program selects startups from the region with significant traction that are on pace to raise a Series A within 6-9 months and helps them dramatically increase their growth.

The social media revolution has utterly changed the way brands interact with their consumers. To reach niche audiences with effective content, more and more companies are choosing to partner with so-called Internet "influencers" --- talented creators who have gained a loyal follower base on online platforms for the high quality of the content they post. Unfortunately, it's not always easy for brands to find the right influencer: someone who aligns with their brand image and has not yet grown in popularity to the point of unaffordability.  Influencer marketing industry is 40% of annual growth globally, estimated to reach 10B in 2020. 

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