Justdeliver, a new on-demand courier service is launched

Justclean, the Kuwaiti technology startup transforming the global laundry industry, has announced the launch of new on-demand courier service “Justdeliver”, an expansion of the Company’s uber successful GCC wide laundry logistics service.

Commenting on the announcement, Athbi Al Enezi, Co-Founder and Managing partner of Justclean said: “During the COVID-19 pandemic, Justclean has remained at the forefront of preventing the spread of coronavirus with rigorous safety measures applied to its drivers, and its vans, which are sprayed with disinfectant prior and after every journey. Our commitment to safety, as well as our reputation in logistics, saw us receive many requests from businesses to utilize our extensive fleet of vans and delivery personnel to support their businesses. This inspired Justclean to create a dedicated fleet to support both businesses and customers outside of the laundry business during quarantine and beyond.”

Justdeliver is an application that can be downloaded on the playstore or app store which will allow businesses and individuals to select their pickup and drop off location, specify the items to be delivered, and select their preferred timing. Whereas Justclean only served the Company’s laundry partners, Justdeliver will serve various B2B partners even outside the cleaning industry as well as individual customers by mobilizing its fleet of vans and “personal collectors” that are available on demand. Justdeliver is launching first in Kuwait, Bahrain, KSA, and UAE, and is set to expand into other GCC markets shortly after.

“Justdeliver is more than just a courier service. It was born out of a desire to bring extended families, neighbors, and businesses together at a time when it is vital that we all stay connected whilst remaining safe” Athbi Al Enezi said. “Justdeliver will not only support businesses that do not have the infrastructure to get their products to their customers during these times, and help them survive the challenges, it will also bring friends and families closer together at a time of social distancing, by providing them with an on-demand delivery service that allows the act of sharing,” added Justclean Co-founder and Managing Partner Nouri Al Enezi.

“At times like these businesses need to come together, evolve, and adapt, and we pride ourselves on being passionate innovators that provide solutions designed to support business whilst adding real value to the communities we serve. Justdeliver is a Company that is aligned with this philosophy, and as such will support businesses while encouraging a sense of community, and in addition, provide employment opportunities at a time when many businesses are being forced to reduce their staff,” Athbi Al Enezi concluded.

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