Justclean Announces Ongoing Partnership With Linkedin

Justclean, the GCC’s leading laundry technology company, announced their ongoing partnership with LinkedIn, the world's largest professional network.

Securing viable talent is the single most imperative hurdle to any organization’s success, and the partnership between justclean and LinkedIn aims to overcome that hurdle by accessing the world’s greatest network of experienced talent. “At justclean, we place a specific focus on team building and recruitment. This partnership will definitely be the link between us as and to ideal candidates worldwide,” says Athbi Al Enezi Co-founder and Managing Partner of justclean.

Commenting on the occasion is Malek Osseiran, Head of Gulf, LinkedIn: “As the world’s largest professional platform, LinkedIn has the unparalleled ability to help companies identify, hire, and develop the talent they need to grow and thrive. Our remarkable growth in the region has enabled us to connect more professionals than ever, proving that we are the right partner for the future. We are proud to be part of the success story of justclean, and confident that our collaboration will enable the company to use our products to make even smarter decisions about talent and business.”

In addition, justclean recently presented to audiences its new LinkedIn lifestyle page, that introduces its founders, staff, and company functions to talent and customers of B2C/ B2B services alike. With this it reaffirms its position not only as the employer of choice, but as partner of choice as well.  “Success is a matter of execution and execution comes at the hands of the most dedicated and skilled workers. With the LinkedIn lifestyle page, we are able to show the world who we are and the champions we work with,” says Nouri Al-Enezi, Co-founder and Managing Partner of Justclean.

Athbi Al Enezi, Co-founder and Managing Partner of justclean, adds “ We believe that success stems from a Allah (SWT) blessings and our team of dedicated staff members. Justclean has the same entrepreneurial spirit today as it did in 2016, and we intend to let dreamers know they are welcome as we grow.”