Injecting the entrepreneurial mindset and best practices into the industrial sector

In an event convening more than 80 industrialists and over 20 entrepreneurs, Endeavor Jordan, and in collaboration with BeyondCapital and the Amman Chamber of Industry, kicked off dialogue on “Injecting the Entrepreneurial Mindset and Best Practices into the Industrial Sector”, and supporting directions towards enabling local industries to transform digitally. Some important and emerging practices and tools in the world of entrepreneurship are radically different from traditional practices that have previously been successful in determining production capacity, managing different resources, and penetrating new markets, among others.

The event aimed at exposing the manufacturing industry to the world of entrepreneurship and its significant impact on increasing production efficiency while simultaneously providing  entrepreneurs and their companies with business development opportunities with the aforementioned industrialists, noting that some of these entrepreneurs were able to grow their businesses from simple ideas with minimal market values not exceeding a few thousand dollars when they were founded, to companies some of which exceed the size of tens of millions of dollars and in a very short period, and at a time when many business owners see growth as an impossibility due to the prevailing economic recession.

The event which was held on Saturday, September 7th, commenced with a welcome note by Endeavor’s Managing Director Reem Goussous, who highlighted Endeavor’s role in supporting high-impact entrepreneurs, opening channels with different sectors, and shedding light on new trends adopted worldwide for business growth, to enable them to enhance their contribution in catalyzing sustainable long-term national economic growth. Goussous stressed that keeping pace with the technological development in the world has become one of the most important priorities and at the same time one of the most vital challenges for the industrial sector. Solving the challenges of slow or declining economic growth lies in enabling these sectors to embrace technology through harnessing entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity.

The agenda of the day then proceeded with presentations and talks by a lineup of Endeavor Entrepreneurs tackling timely topics to the industrial sector.  “Pivoting your product to achieve market fit” was the first of these sessions presented by Yousef Wadi, Founder of Nestrom, followed by Co-founder and CEO of ArabiaWeather, Mohammed AlShaker’s talk, who highlighted the use of data in driving growth. Ala’a Alsallal, Founder of Jamalon, shared his vast hands-on experience in building an effective e-commerce platform.

Yousef Shamoun, Co-founder and CEO of ZenHR then picked the brains of the attendees on letting go of the traditional Human Resource management practices and switching into automating the process and its impact on long-term profitability. The fifth session featured Zeena Majali, Co-founder of Crystel, who explained the benefits of “outsourcing” in achieving customer care excellence, followed by Tamer Al Masri, co-founder and CEO of Jobedu who in his turn focused on building a strong brand. Lastly, the Managing Partner of Al Ameed Coffee, Basel Al Daher shared best practices of injecting the entrepreneurial vibe into industry, given his experience as an Endeavor Entrepreneur industrialist.

The event also extended an opportunity to a number of startups to showcase their products and services to the guests on the sidelines of the event.

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