The Impact of Media Relationship on Business

By Forbes Middle East Staff 


SOURCE : Forbes Middle East - Step 2018: How a Media Relationship Can Successfully Impact Your Journey

Dubai, UAE- March 29, 2018: Step 2018 official magazine partner, Forbes Middle East, interacted with four entrepreneurs during last week event. They talked about how a media relationship can successfully impact their journey. Lead by Ahmed Abdul Wahab, Senior Advisor, Forbes Middle East-the panel discussion revolved around vibrant themes such as how media plays an important role in stakeholder engagement and its impact on business.

The four panelists who made it successfully on covers of Forbes Middle East- Mohamed Amine Belarbi, Co- Founder and CEO – VUL9 Security solutions, Lojain Jibawi, Co-Founder and CEO- VOTEK, Eddy Maroun, Co-Founder and CEO – ANGHAMI and Hasib Khan, Founder- UDRIVE  shared their insights on how media has made an impact to  their journey, how can startups make their businesses get noticed by media giants and creating awareness amongst investors and customers being risk averse.