Ibtikar Fund, Vision VC Announce Pre-Seed Investment in Vidmass

Ibtikar Fund, Vision VC Announce Pre-Seed Investment in Vidmass Ibtikar Fund and Vision VC are pleased to announce their latest investment in Vidmass, an easy-to-use marketing video creation tool

RAMALLAH, PALESTINE (18/09/2018) – On September 18, 2018, Ibtikar Fund and Vision VC announced their joint pre-seed investment in Vidmass, an easy-to-use marketing video creation tool for individuals and organizations.

Vidmass was created to empower small and medium enterprises throughout the MENA region to utilize the power of video in their marketing and sales efforts. Prior to Vidmass, the options were either expensive agencies or platforms that do not support the creation of videos in Arabic.

“Anyone can log on to Vidmass, choose a template from our library, personalize it with their logo, brand’s colors, images, and messages, and upload it throughout their social media platforms within minutes,” said Abdulhameid Alfayoumi, Co-Founder and CEO of Vidmass.

As an increasing number of businesses go online, e-commerce gains a stronger foothold, and video becomes the go-to medium for sales and marketing efforts, it is important for SMEs in the Arab world to have the ability to quickly, easily, and affordably create videos to promote their products and services.

As Habib Hazzan, Managing General Partner of Ibtikar Fund, explained: “although do-it- yourself video creation platforms exist, trying to create on them Arabic-language videos is nearly impossible—text is garbled, font options are minimal, and the user has to be able to navigate the platform in a different language. Vidmass empowers anyone in the region to create videos using an intuitive, easy-to-use platform, with affordable pricing-- helping differentiate them from their competition, better promote their products and services, and, ultimately increase sales.”

Kais Al Essa, Founding Partner and CEO of Vision VC, commented: “most startups, small and medium companies as well as individuals who own ecommerce shops in the region are having nightmares trying to find professional agencies or freelancers who can create eye-catching videos, so they can use them for the different campaigns or for special occasions. They end up spending time and money and never getting a suitable video on

time. Vidmass, today, makes it easy for anyone to create the video they want for the occasion or campaign they need in minutes. Vidmass even offers videos for the Saudi national day!”.

Ibtikar and Vision’s joint investment in Vidmass has helped develop the minimum viable product, which is now live at www.vidmass.com.