How Female Entrepreneurs Hold Their Business in the MENA Region

By Denis Opudo / Tech in Africa 


SOURCE : How Women Entrepreneurs Survive in MENA Region - Tech In Africa 

The 2018, Startup Bahrain week, where many startups from MENA participate, is a an attractive event for many investors, experienced entrepreneurs, and mentors from all walks of life. Women played crucial roles during the Startup Bahrain Week. Their contribution ranged from small products to handling of accelerators. Normally, the MENA women get more degrees in sciences than their US counterparts. For instance, studies show that about 33% of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) women participate in business. Despite the early stages of development, their enterprises generated over $100,000 in comparison to their US counterparts. The women from the US who participate in a business stand at 11%.

In the UAE, the least work experience for women is six years and 60% of these are sole proprietors. In Lebanon, work experience is 11 years and women sole proprietors are 40%. The MENA women who took part in the 2018 Bahrain startup week include Mona Ataya, Nada Alawi, and Lana Al-Attar.

MENA has several businesses owned by individuals, partnerships and even large companies. For instance, Souk and Careem developed rapidly in the region.