How can Egyptian startups scale right now?

2019 was a record year for the Egyptian startup ecosystem, and Egypt ranked first in MENA for number of investment deals for the first time ever. Then COVID-19 came.So, what does the future hold for Egypt's startups? In our latest Webinar, MAGNiTT’s Noor Salama hosted Basil Moftah, General Partner at Global Ventures. Amongst the various discussion topics discussed, Noor and Basil explored opportunities to scale for Egyptian startups right now, how startups in Egypt will be affected by the COVID-19 crisis and what Egypt's startup ecosystem will look like in 2020.

Questions included:

- What does scaling mean?

- Where does COVID-19 leave transport-tech, fin-tech, and health-tech?

- Which startups and industries are best positioned to thrive, and how can they capture these opportunities?

- Which startups are in the most danger, and how can they navigate and survive this?

- What advice does Basil give startups who need to pivot right now? 

- What is his economic outlook for Egypt's startup scene, 5 years on? 

Here's some insights from the poll we launched during the webinar:


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