Recapping 2020: A holistic stakeholder perspective of the startup ecosystem

Yesterday, we took a moment to acknowledge some of the startups which closed investment rounds in Q1 amidst the backdrop of the global pandemic, as part our reflections from 2020. Today, we shift our focus to the second quarter of the year, when the world was preoccupied with the first wave of COVID-19.

Q2 was a period marked by significant uncertainty, and will go down in history as the time when a sizeable amount of the global population witnessed and adapted to their living spaces becoming their educational institutes and offices, amongst other things.

However, these months became synonymous with an uptick in the consumption of online content, as people found themselves with limited avenues to utilise their time at home. One medium which particularly stood out was the hosting and attending of webinars, that enabled individuals to not only engage with others beyond the confines of their living spaces, but as an avenue to have insightful discussions on a host of relevant topics.

At MAGNiTT, we found ourselves hosting as many as thirteen webinars during Q2 with various stakeholders across the startup ecosytem, including Founders, government entities and investors. To that effect, we have shortlisted three of our webinars with each of these different stakeholders, for our audience to get a feel for the differing perspectives carried by each of these individuals.

Dubai's Strategy for Building and Retaining Startup Momentum Through 2020 and Beyond 

In this webinar, our CEO Philip Bahoshy spoke with HE Khalfan Belhoul, CEO of Dubai Future Foundation (DFF) to discuss how to strengthen the UAE's startup scene. Amongst the topics discussed, the speakers highlighted areas including the measures DFF could take to support startups who had to pivot, how DFF adapted to the change in environment and working remotely, and more.

3 Lessons from 100+ Early-Stage Startups

For this webinar our Community Manager, Noor Salama hosted Abe Seksek, Rainmaking COO MENA & Russia, to learn about the most valuable takeaways from early-stage startups. Abe and Noor spoke about the components of a successful pitch deck, what product-market fit is and how to know if you have it, and how to build a first team and culture, amongst other areas.

Hear from the LP - Surviving the short term while planning for the long term

To gain insights from a strategic perspective, Philip caught up with Global Ventures’ Noor Sweid and Kanoo Group’s Stergios Voskopoulos, to find out how to balance short and long-term goals for your company. The panelists discussed a host of topics ranging from what an LP would be looking for in a VC and how the dynamic between LP and GPs should look, to advice for startups who are looking to fundraise, amongst other things.

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