Venture builder hatch & boost launches in MENA

Abu Dhabi-based hatch & boost, a venture builder dedicated to hatching startup ideas and boosting them into scalable ventures, has officially launched in the Middle East. 

The startup aims to empower local talent and home-grown innovation, and support the advancement of impact-driven business models in the region.

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With a sector-agnostic model that focuses heavily on Environmental and Social Governance (ESG) and sustainability, the venture builder co-creates startups alongside entrepreneurs from concept stage, to market.

Having already launched two tech startups, with another three in stealth, hatch & boost aims to fill the gaps in early-stage startup development, and reduce the rate of startup failure through the utilisation of a shared pool of resources; ultimately lowering the startup capital cost.

Currently in Seed stage, the two startups hatch & boost has co-founded are World of Farming (WoF) and My Lily Box. 

Faris Mesmar, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of hatch & boost said, “The startup scene in the UAE has evolved considerably in recent years, and today, it is a hotspot for startup activity, supported by an excellent entrepreneur-friendly infrastructure. Any healthy ecosystem, however, will have gaps that still need to be filled - this is where we come in. Our mission at hatch & boost is to bridge the gap between ideation and growth through our unique venture building model which offers hands-on support from a startup's early-most stages. This model includes the utilisation of shared resources that drives cost efficiencies, embraces technology, and creatively solves problems that cater specifically to our region.

“We simultaneously focus on environmental and sustainable impact, ensuring our startups are cleantech, as well as foster a circular economy approach. We are extremely passionate about supporting motivated entrepreneurs to help transform impact-driven ideas into highly profitable businesses."

CEO of Incubayt Investments, and hatch & boost Founding Investor and Chairman commented, “Having established one of the first clean technology startups over a decade ago, it’s been incredible to watch the evolution of the startup community in the region. There has been tremendous progress when it comes to making the entire ecosystem from registration through to capital raise an entrepreneur-friendly experience.

"There is still a white space, however, when it comes to risk appetite for some early-stage investment, and this space is being filled by venture builders like hatch & boost - creating a vehicle for successful early-stage investment that provides the right corporate governance and suits a broader range of regional investors. What makes hatch & boost unique is their ability to strategically focus on the environment through impact-driven ventures, while nurturing talent in the region.”

Predominantly operating in the UAE, hatch & boost has plans for further expansion across the region in the coming years, such as KSA and Egypt. Later this year, the venture builder has plans to launch a venture fund to invest in tech startups.

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