Global Hotel Alliance Inks Deal with Dubai Startup, Hotel Data Cloud

15th December 2019 – Dubai, UAE: UAE based, award-winning start-up Hotel Data Cloud (HDC) has announced the signing of an umbrella agreement with Global Hotel Alliance (“GHA”) the world’s largest alliance of independent hotel brands and operator of the brand loyalty programme, DISCOVERY which gives members access to over 30 independent brands and 550 hotels in 78 countries.

With a current portfolio of over 11,400 hotels in 153 countries, HDC is the leader in providing a centralized global database for descriptive hotel content and real-time updates, confirming that hotels’ information and pictures are updated across all travel websites, travel agent databases and points of sale. With studies indicating that the average traveller hits 45 touchpoints over a 36 day period before making a final hotel booking decision, HDC enables travellers to make quick, educated and informed choices, without the need to gather hotel information from many different, incoherent sources.

With the potential to improve the booking experience for over 15 million members, this partnership is reflective of the changing travel booking behavior of customers, which is more research-oriented and needs specific.

“The customer journey is of paramount importance to us and we are very proud to be collaborating with Hotel Data Cloud to enable our members to make even better booking decisions. Having access to multilingual descriptions and over 600 attributes is a tremendous value add, and we look forward to adding more benefits for our members,” said Folker Heim, GHA’s Head of Operations.

Gregor Amon, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of HDC commented “We are honoured to partner with GHA’s hotels to distribute their descriptive content in real time, leading to more bookings and ultimately happier guests. With GHA and HDC spearheading innovation in the travel industry, this partnership will further accelerate development of cutting-edge technology, helping both hotels and travellers alike.


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