Ghinwa App unlocking the potential of Female’s singers in Middle East

Ghinwa the Digital Music Competition app held Four talent competitions, that received interest from user’s across the middle east region. With over 700K singing events during the competitions, 82% participating were female and 60% were from Saudi Arabia.

Two competitions were for best voice, one competition for best vocals singing Abdulmajeed Abdula’s songs and one competition for doing creative or humorous songs.

For the modern vocalists who aspire to be today's Om-Kalthom or Fayrooz they can face serious social barriers in conservative societies across the Middle Eastern & North African.  The founders of the Ghinwa App identified this issue and came up with a solution – that is tailore made for this region’s users. The music industry tech startup has created an app that allows users to display their talent singing, protecting their ability to stay anonymous, safeguarding their privacy all while encouraging their expression as artists.  The huge number of talented people using in Ghinwa to express their passion for singing is no real surprise at all.

“We are a firm believer that there is a thousand Om Kalthoms among us, who are just waiting for an opportunity to shine and we want to give them a stage,” commented Mohammad Al-Munaikh Co-Founder and CEO of the company. “Ghinwa's success in exposing talent comes from the fact that we know what our users need and it is not being served by a Western product. That is the inspiration that helped us create our startup.”

Interestingly, all of the winners were women, three Saudi Arabians and one Kuwaiti. The winners received either Cash Prizes or Smartphones as a reward and three of them will have an original songs produced for them this year, getting their music career off to a wonderful start, opening true opportunities for great success.

One of the winners remarked, “I participated once I knew about the competition not to win, but I wanted to see how far I could reach with my talent and validate my abilities, I guess winning feels good too, which might be a start for a career for me!”

People from across the world, not just the Middle East, entered the Digital Music Competition through Ghinwa, including countries like Morocco, Canada , United Kingodom and United States of America. It was addressing middle eastern, Arabic speakers across the globe.

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