1. What problem do you solve?

Many people among us would like to become a singer, or just even have the ability to sing and practice singing whether in solo or as group activity. This kind of behavior is not available to Arabic Speaker, or at least not at quality where it could be enjoyed.

For those people and many others that would like to sing. We have created Ghinwa the stage for every musical talent. Ghinwa is a mobile application for amateur singers to sing in Karaoke or Cover songs and Promote their talent in Ghinwa’s social network.

2. Who are you competing with and what makes your solution better?

I wouldn’t say competitors, But there many projects and solutions that aim to solve the same problem. In both worlds (Offline or Online). But the challenge remains there, which is providing the users with an experience close enough to the real artist.

3. What were the biggest hurdles you faced early on and how did you overcome them?

Business wise, we have faced many technical problems in the music industry that could affect the quality of the user experience in Ghinwa. We tried to solve those problems and ensure a high quality of Karaoke experience. We want our users to record something that is worthy of saving for life.

4. What is your biggest barrier to future success?

Our other challenges and barrier I would say, finding talented people to build a team around. We headhunted every member of our team. And currently we are in talk with several others as well to join us. I would say, being able to find talent to scale the business is an ongoing challenge for the time being.

5. How do you plan to make money?

I guess there’s no specific price for Good Music. But we hope we can generate enough traction and test different business models like Fermium and Advertisement.

6. What advice would you share with other start-ups?

That is is Ok to fail. Just make sure you are failing for the right reasons. By right reasons I mean, market driven not personal or team. Also, I highly encourage each startup team find a Mentor as a resource they can benefit from his/her experience.

7. Did you discover and use an online tool that is a “must-have” for start-ups?

For a tech - startup, I would recommend they read Linkedin 3x3x3 Article. IT summarizes their development methodology, which we found it to be the perfect methodology for remote team.