GELLIFY create EXPLORE Events Initiative to discover how technologies can create a resilient and sustainable economy

GELLIFY, a B2B innovation platform supporting start-ups and companies in order to generate the best possible exit, has created an EXPLORE Events initiative called Future-Proof Your Organization with Black Swan Capabilities. Check it out and register today for free.

This initiative brings together experts and speakers online who will explore the ways in which innovative technologies can help to create a more resilient and sustainable economy. 

The topics which cover digital intrapreneurship, blockchain-backed supply chains, V/R and A/R remote collaboration, risk mitigation through predictive analytics and AI, smart working cybersecurity, and more will be organised in sessions or mini-series.

The sessions have been taking place since April 2020, with the remaining 4 to be hosted on June 3, 9, 16, and 23

Each session includes expert opinions, pragmatic solutions, and use cases, which will reflect how each digital innovation can mitigate business risks.

The remaining sessions will cover:

- Black Swan: Monster or Mentor, June 3rd at 2pm GST. 
- Mixed Reality: How to engage the post-pandemic human with VR and AR anywhere, anytime, June 9th at 2pm GST. 
- Phygital Factory: The crucial role of digitalized manufacturing mechanisms during the crisis, June 16th at 2pm GST. 
- Artificial Intelligence: How to confront the unpredictable with optimal solutions, June 23rd at 2pm GST. 

You can access all of the previous sessions on the GELLIFY website, and also register for those upcoming.

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