Gamiphy secures Pre-Series A financing round

Ibtikar Fund is pleased to announce that its portfolio company, Gamiphy, has secured a pre-Series A investment round

Ibtikar Fund announced today, that its portfolio company, Gamiphy, has secured a six-figure pre-series A investment round.

This round is led by Ibtikar Fund and includes participation from Kuwait-based Al Mohallab Kuwait Real Estate Company and Al-Joud Kuwait Holding Company.

Gamiphy offers businesses with plug and play tools that empower their strategies in different verticals, such as customer acquisition and loyalty, customer engagement through games, and workforce management and motivation through gamification, including:

Gamiphy Loyalty and Marketing: Web and mobile, plug-and-play loyalty program equipped with powerful analytics and intelligent marketing features such as creating customer personas, defining audiences, and launching personalized marketing campaigns (i.e. emails, notifications, quizzes, games, etc). All of this enables SMEs to adopt and utilize these technologies as well as large enterprises cut down their costs and time to launch.

Gamiphy Branded Games: an ever-growing library of game templates that businesses can use to launch campaigns, showcase products and offers, generate leads, and drive people to take action.

Gamiphy WorkForce: Team management and motivation through gamification, helping businesses better manage their teams, track key performance indicators, and launch competitions between team members to optimize their performance.

By integrating with partners like Shopify and Magento, as well as point-of-sale systems, Gamiphy can offer their product as plug-and-play to thousands of customers worldwide.

“In a time when brands are constantly vying for consumers’ attention online, and it’s becoming more and more difficult to stand out, Gamiphy’s solutions are timely, cost-efficient, and easy to implement for any size company. Gamiphy has proven that it can sell to major brands in the MENA region, and that it can spread globally through integrations and partnerships. Ibtikar is proud to continue to support Gamiphy as it grows and expands, said Ambar Amleh, partner at Ibtikar Fund, and Board Chair of Gamiphy.

Abdullah Al Ghanim, representative for Al Mohallab and Al-Joud explained, “we are excited to join Ibtikar in this investment. In recent months, I have worked with the Gamiphy team closely and see tremendous potential in them, and in the gamification space. I look forward to supporting their growth in the coming year and witnessing further success.”

Over the last year, Gamiphy has secured major contracts with companies throughout the Middle East, including Alghanim Industries, EmiratesNBD, Carriage, National Bank of Kuwait, and Beeline Telecom, helping those companies attract and retain clients through different gamification strategies. After completing the Startup Chile program in 2019, Gamiphy has also solidified its presence in Latin America, with partnerships with Tienda Nube, Jumpseller, and FollowUp, as well as contracts with Cencosud, Starbucks, and Burger King.

‘’It has been exciting working closely with our clients over the past two years to refine our offering and address their business needs through our platform. With this funding round, Gamiphy will focus on further expansion in key markets in the MENA region and beyond’’ said Aws Alnabulsi, CEO and Co-Founder of Gamiphy.

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