Gaming Startup raising $23,000 through Crowdfunding to complete Refugee Video Game

By Zawya


SOURCE : Zawya - Gaming Startup Raising $23,000 Through Crowdfunding To Complete Refugee Video Game.


The Stories Studio, registered in Bahrain, has a mission to create cause based commercial games, to raise awareness and inspire empathy around important world issues. They are currently developing a refugee based game, “Musa- a brother’s story”. The studio has turned to the masses in order to help raise funds to complete the game, which requires 16 months of development.

The founder, Saba Saleem Warsi, got inspired on a trip to Turkey where she saw many children refugees, and decided to share their stories via a video game.

“I saw children everywhere. They were on the streets, some begging, some selling trinkets, and some entertaining tourists for money. I wanted to share their stories, and I chose the medium of video games because there is no better way to share a story. Gamers actually put themselves in the shoes of these children and in a virtual way, go through what they go through,” Says Saba.

Two recent studies have come out which show a direct correlation between games and empathy. And the studio is very unique as it only creates cause-based games.