From Payments to Blockchain: A MENA Fintech Deep Dive

In our latest webinar, we host Sarwa Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer, Nadine Mezher, to discuss the key trends in the FinTech ecosystem. We highlighted the key developments in the FinTech industry, including funding trends, top investors, verticals, and countries, as well as opportunities and challenges based on the experiences of a fast-growing FinTech startup.


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Some of the discussion points in the webinar included:

- How has FinTech funding evolved over the last 5 years?

- What are the key verticals that experience growth? Payments, wealth management, InsurTech?

- Which countries see the highest growth in FinTech, and why?

- Who are the top investors & funded startups?

- Where are the current opportunities and challenges in the region?

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