Free Cyber Security services to support SME’s working remotely in Bahrain

Pentest360, a Bahrain-based technology startup powered by EDX Labs, in collaboration with the Technology & Business Society (TBS) and the Bahrain Technology Companies Society (BTECH), announces free 3-month service for SMEs in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Ever since the Coronavirus had started trending on the internet, there has been a spike in the cyber-crime rate. Hackers and fraudsters are attempting to leverage the current confusion and global efforts of ‘Work from Home’ to practice social distancing.  

Thereby in support of the Kingdom’s social distancing recommendation to combat COVID-19, SME’s that have chosen to work from home for partial or all staff, can now benefit from Pentest360’s free periodic vulnerability scanning of their external network to reduce any risk to their organizations. Pentest360 team will further guide the SME’s on fixing any identified basic security gaps.

Board members of the BTECH society are concerned about the overall business continuity of Bahraini businesses and are working on identifying areas where collaborative efforts would foster resilience and support to all.

“The comprehensive approach by Bahrain's government in the continuous efforts to combat and control the spread of the Corona pandemic has been recognized by many including the World Health Organization (WHO). Along with all Bahrain businesses that are supporting the control of this situation, the EDX Labs family of Cyber Security technologies would also try to do their humble part” - said Mirza Asrar Baig The Chairman of EDX Labs.

In addition, Pentest360 will regularly host free webinars to address the ‘Basic Security requirements for Remote Work’ to help organizations and individuals secure their personal computers for business work. This drive will also enhance the security awareness and understanding of Bahrain's private business workforce. 

Interested SME organizations can sign up at to participate in enhancing their cybersecurity posture.

“Currently people are more focused on business continuity and may forget to address the security aspect of it. As people are working from home, this gives hackers an opportunity to exploit due to the network changes that may occur.” - Fazal Ur Rahman - Head of Penetration Testing Services at Pentest360.

“We understand that these times are difficult for all of us, and we want to make sure that in terms of security, our SME’s are not vulnerable. As we have stated before, we strongly recommend having focus groups within each sector to strengthen our understanding of security and strengthen our overall security posture to continue our growth”- Mishal Alhellow Chairman of Technology & Business Society.

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