Foodics Signs New Agreements for Technical Expansion

Foodics announced signing a number of agreements with new partners to expand and cover a wider range of services for its users. The agreements tackled various areas of technical development, delivery, and accounting systems. The primary purpose of all agreements is to convey the Foodics experience to a larger segment of beneficiaries.

The signed agreements were with (MRSOOLSURE - Jahez - Xero) applications. SURE and MRSOOL agreements were signed on Tuesday, October 8th, and Jahez and Xero were signed on Wednesday, October 9th. All signings took place in Badir’s booth at Za'abeel hall in GITEX Technology week 2019 in Dubai.

All previous agreements enhance the growth of a particular aspect for Foodics. MRSOOL is a delivery app dedicated to delivering all orders, where Jahez is specialized in food delivery, and SURE Global Technology offers advanced technology payment systems, and Xero is an online powerful accounting system.

Foodics Co-founder and CEO, Ahmad AlZaini, is thrilled about the mentioned agreements and excited for 2020 extraordinary phase. “We’re excited and looking forward to expanding and reaching more customers by our provided services that are updated simultaneously according to our clients’ needs”.