The First Arabic Enabled Cloud Computing Solutions Startup Repzo Secures Seed Funding from Jabbar Internet Group

Amman-based startup Repzo, the first Arabic enabled cloud mobile customer relationship management solution, has raised an undisclosed amount of seed funding from Jabbar Internet Group, Oasis Creative Industries, and two angel investors.

Launched last year by Co-Founders Hassan, Moutaz and Ayman Atmeh, Repzo aims to make it easier for small and medium-sized enterprises in the fast-moving consumer goods (packaged food, toiletries, and other consumables) and pharmaceutical industries to manage their teams and monitor their field staff activities through automating their workflows.

“We are thrilled to be associated with Jabbar Internet Group; a prolific innovator with a history of investing in success stories like and Maktoob, and with other renown investors,” says Hassan Atmeh, Co-founder and CEO of Repzo. “The funds will give Repzo a terrific boost, allowing us to invest in our IT infrastructure, intensify our marketing efforts, and expand our operations,” he adds.

Commenting on the investment, Samih Toukan, Chairman of Jabbar Internet Group says: “Repzo has the potential to redefine the way companies with field staff work, for example those that rely on sales, marketing or merchandising reps out in the field. Repzo offers a unique solution that is affordable, time-saving, cost-saving and error-minimizing to manage such a field force."

Commending the startup team’s approach, Hussam Khoury President of Jabbar Internet Group says: “We were highly impressed with the founding team, they demonstrated an in-depth understanding of the complex challenges that arise in managing field-based human resources and came up with innovative solutions to address management struggles and pain points.”

The Repzo app allows field staff to use their smartphones to enter all their geotagged activities, which can range from purchase orders and payments to data collection and analysis. This feature enables managers to monitor staff achievements and efficiency, assign tasks, and receive real-time updates from any smartphone, tablet or laptop, thereby eliminating the need for weekly update meetings.

By using the top cloud computing platform in the world, Amazon Web Services, to handle all traffic-generated from the field, Repzo allows users to safely store and access their data from anywhere and at any time. In this way, Repzo enables companies to abandon the traditional paperwork hassle, reducing delays in order processing and distribution time.

The startup has shown tremendous growth over the past year and is already operating in Jordan, Iraq, Egypt, UAE, and Palestine with around 1000 daily active field reps on board. Repzo currently has a team of 12 employees working from its headquarters in Amman, where it plans to expand its sales and development teams. Repzo also plans to partner with businesses in the Middle East and North Africa region to act as resellers of its advanced, subscription-based cloud computing solutions.