Finally... a good reason to slide into someone’s DMs

At the time of writing, MAGNiTT has been working remotely for almost three full months (!!!). I think you’ll all understand what I mean when I say that those three months have passed by incredibly quickly AND incredibly slowly (at the same time!). In the same vein, remote working has both added valuable things to how we work and has also taken valuable things away. 

It is with incredible pride and excitement that we launch MAGNiTT Messaging [Beta], and invite you to be one of the first to try it and let us know what you think.   

- Are you an investor with a thesis looking to cherry-pick your next investment?
- An entrepreneur looking to connect with a subject-matter expert, a mentor, or an angel investor?
- A corporate looking to partner with a start-up for an innovation initiative?

Why (and why now)?

As you can imagine, as a MENA-focused platform, we communicate with entrepreneurship stakeholders (founders, investors, accelerators, corporates, events, and governments) from 17+ countries on a daily basis. As cities (and as teams, families, and individuals), it is clear that we have all been affected differently by the global pandemic. 

MENA, as a region, is very unique in one respect (and quite a few more…). While our various ecosystems are all unique and stand strong as flourishing ecosystems in their own right, we all work very closely together. Our regional interdependence means that our successes and failures are often tied together. 

It comes as no surprise to us that we keep hearing one almost-universal thing from everyone we speak to in our community (especially as borders close and air-travel remains a question-mark): In the absence of the physical events & gatherings that usually bring us together, we need other, digital ways to come together.

With 14,000+ startups, 500+ investors, and 1,000+ enablers from 17 MENA countries on the platform, the MAGNiTT platform is your gateway to discover and connect with everybody in the ecosystem - regardless of whether or not you’re going to be seeing them in person anytime soon. Filter through our directories and create connections that matter. 

Closed borders can also mean open channels and open ecosystems - staying safe and staying connected can be simultaneous. We all already connect, communicate, and collaborate across ecosystems to continue creating value for our communities and customers. :)

The MAGNiTT team invites you to try the beta Messaging tool to connect people who will help you as you continue creating value. 

Any questions? Connect with me on MAGNiTT and drop me a message! 

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