FII Institute invests $500K in Interstellar Lab

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Saudi-based FII Institute has just announced its $500K investment in Paris-based space technology startup Interstellar Lab as part of its inclusive mission to empower the brightest minds in leveraging scientific innovation for positive change.

The $500,000 USD equity investment is a part of Interstellar Lab's latest $3M USD Seed Round and builds on FII Institute's commitment to catalyze globally relevant, real-world solutions in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, Education, Healthcare and Sustainability. Founded in 2021, the space technology startup Interstellar Lab set forth on designing closed-loop biodomes for sustaining life on Earth, the moon, and Mars.


The investment will fund the development and leveraging of AI simulation-based designs to tackle Earth’s most pressing environmental issues; paving the way to solutions in waste management, zero-impact living, and resource-conscious agriculture. “Climate change is a real emergency for Earth, and we only have a small window to bring about positive change. We are developing a new framework for sustainable living on Earth and a testbed for future space missions,” Barbara Belvisi, Founder and CEO, Interstellar Lab highlighted.  “Working with investors like FII Institute advances Interstellar Lab’s mission to support human life sustainably on Earth, the moon, and Mars by generating and recycling food, water and air.”  

This marks the third FII Institute investment this year following announcements to back Lilium, an electric-powered aircraft reducing the carbon impact of regional travel, and Red Sea Farms, AgTech making it possible to grow food using saltwater, with an inclusive agenda built on three pillars: ‘THINK, XCHANGE, ACT’. FII Institute CEO Richard Attias concluded "Space sector growth is creating new opportunities for advanced research and solutions in sustainability. Inspired by the design challenge of human settlement on Mars, Interstellar Lab has forged an innovative approach to sustaining life in the absence of the abundance taken for granted here on Earth. We are very pleased to support the technologies that will help reduce the burden on our planet and prepare us for the future."

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