Feedeed.com Raises $300K in Second Round of Investment

Feedeed.com recently announced the closing of their second and latest investment round of $300K led by ‘BLC Invest’ under the ‘Banque Du Liban – Circular 331’. The financing will be used to expand Feedeed’s platform, and drive the next stages of their growth.

Feedeed in a Nutshell
Launched in 2014, Feedeed.com is a matching platform that provides on-demand experts for businesses. Feedeed’s aim is to give businesses, especially SMEs, the opportunity to get access to good quality experts without the overly expensive costs of agencies and overhead costs of hiring internal employees. By matching each project/client to the best suited expert, Feedeed are reshaping the concept of standard outsourcing, accelerating the growth of small businesses, and helping experts focus on their talents.

To get started with Feedeed.com, clients simply need to tell Feedeed about their project, what type of service they need, when they need it done and what their budget is. Feedeed’s agents then help them pinpoint exactly what their project requirements are. After communicating with an agent, the client is assigned an expert in relevance to their project requirements, and they can start working without worrying about selecting a developer, designer, writer, digital marketer or any other business expert.

To become an expert, interested candidates simply need to fill in a simple form with general information, their educational background and professional experience, their skills and expertise, and upload a fully updated portfolio or CV. Experts get the chance to focus on what they do best without worrying about sales and marketing, have access to a constant stream of projects on the platform, use their skills and talent to generate income and grow their career and finally join a community of experts where they can learn and grow with other experts.

Feedeed.com 3.0
Feedeed.com recently launched a new version of their website that is packed with features that make project flow easier and faster. The first feature is a Project Manager, which is an all-in-one place where clients and experts can chat, exchange files, send quotations, pay invoices and rate projects. The second is a dashboard where experts and clients can track multiple projects.  Feedeed.com is also planning to launch their mobile app (on IOS and Android) in the coming 2-3 weeks so that both experts and clients can manage projects on the go. Finally, Feedeed have recently launched a blog for businesses looking to learn about outsourcing and how they can use it to accelerate their growth. 

SOURCE: Arabnet - Feedeed.com Raises $300K in Second Round of Investment 19th February 2017