Featured Tools Week 3

Our MAGNiTT Tools Directory keeps growing and we now have several hundred tools to help you make your startup success. We know how tough it is to try and stay on top of every dimension of your project so here is new set of recommendations that we hope you’ll find useful.

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1.Simple Project Management with FreedCamp









It’s tough to get organized sometimes, specially when deadlines and priorities start multiplying as they do with almost every single startup. I’ve met people who can seamlessly jump from one subject to another without ever dropping the ball. When you’re going solo it works ok, but then with one or two other people on the team it gets even more challenging.


A lot of project management programs are amazing by the level of detail they can provide. FreedCamp may fall short on options, details, and complexity, but it gains in sheer practicality. Jump straight into it and you’ll likely never look back. Oh and it’s free too…

2. Producteev is another free Project Management tool.




With unlimited users and projects for free there’s no real incentive to go for the Pro upgrade; unless of course you need Outlook integration, personalized support, or visual customization.


Create tasks that can be part of multiple lists, stay in touch real-time with your team, get results measurement and progress tracking on the go and easily convert emails into tasks. It’s super easy to use, and you can filter all the information by people, project status, due dates, priorities etc. Producteev even connects to Dropbox for file sharing. No time tracking or integrated billing software but you can do that from your accounting package when you hit the launch button.

3. Managing Social Media accounts with HootSuite





It would be a challenge not to have a social media tool in our newsletter. If there’s one thing that startups need it’s exposure, so here’s one just for us.


Hootsuite is a social dashboard. It puts all your social platforms into one easy to navigate place – meaning that you’re saving time and energy going from one place to another. Sync 3 social media accounts for free. If you need up to 100 accounts then the business package works wonders for $7.99.

4. ActiveCampaign for email marketing campaigns





Active Campaign is another email marketing start-up favourite that often gets extremely high reviews.


It’s easy to use, provides you with email marketing automation for up to 2,500 contacts, and has more easily customizable options compared to other email marketing platforms (adding dynamic content and real-time blog updates). The starter package at $9.00 is limited to 500 contacts and the upgrade is $49.00 a month for 1000 contacts. If you’re serious about email marketing then there are other tools that are probably more cost effective, but this one hits a sweet spot with its ease of use and customizable options.

5. Are you sure your idea has wings? QuickMVP







You’ve heard it before from the MAGNiTT team. VALIDATE EVERYTHING. QuickMVP is one of those tools that pass under the radar in most reviews. Interviewing customers is a crucial part of building successful products. QuickMVP’s problem score generator will quickly help you identify the biggest customer painpoints to focus on.



Once you've validated the customer problem, easily test multiple solutions with landing pages. Get your page in front of more potential customers with our built-in Google Ad creator. Test multiple business ideas in minutes.  QuickMVP calculates the business projections for each idea based on experiment results. Get data on customer acquisition cost, margin, market size, and profit potential for your ideas before you build.