[EXCLUSIVE] Interview with Telr's new CEO Khalil Alami, following latest funding round

1) What's Telr's big-picture vision for the future?

Telr is more than a payment gateway. We provide customised services critical to the growth of businesses of online merchants in emerging markets.

We offer business-critical and sales enhancement features, designed to enable you to scale up your online business. Our transaction processing services are secure, easy to integrate, rich in features, and accessible at competitive pricing.

We are renowned for our in-house build and full stack technology, we assure high transaction success rates and best-in-class aftersales support.

Utilizing all of our unique features and competitive edge, Our mission is to build connections that remove fragmentation in the e-commerce ecosystem. We are in pursuit of enabling our customers to go cashless, digitising the way that they accept payments.

Our vision is to expand into all of the GCC and the Levant and we aim to lead the way in making the GCC and the Middle East as whole at the forefront of e-commerce.

2) What do you believe makes Telr different from other payment gateways in this market?

Telr is the only Online Payment Gateway that has its own in-house built and full stack technology. Moreover, we at Telr are SME friendly unlike many other competitors and banks.

3) It’s been mentioned that Telr has major growth plans, following its recent round of funding. Can you share some of Telr’s plans for expansion with us (geographic, product, talent)?

Telr will be introducing new to market features throughout 2020 maintaining its technology lead in the industry, we also plan to expand to cover the GCC and Levant during 2020 and to ensure those expansion plans success we will be hiring the unique talent that is needed.

4) What do you believe is the biggest challenge when launching into new regions, specifically within MENA?

The largest challenge we face in new emerging markets is the card penetration ratios, as you might know our main competitor is not another payment gateway but it is cash. Most of the emerging markets are cash societies and have low card penetration rates, this is the biggest challenge we face and working closely with the stakeholders of the industry we plan to address that one market at a time.

5) Lastly, it’s no secret that technology has made today's customers more demanding than ever before. What do you think is the biggest unmet need for shoppers & merchants in the region?

While technology has made today's customers more demanding than ever before, we believe that is great for the industry. It will always push us towards innovation and creating new value added features. One of the biggest needs that we tackle alone at Telr is social commerce, with the expanding footprint of social media as a sales channel, today at Telr we are the leaders in enabling social media merchants e-invoice and accept card payments from shoppers on their social media channels and accounts. All this pours directly in our main objective of removing fragmentation in the e-commerce ecosystem and strengthen financial inclusion.