Endeavor Jordan Announces The Selection Of Eon Dental And Arabot To Its Global Network

Riyadh, February 2020 With the wrapping of the first Endeavor International Selection Panel (Endeavor ISP) of 2020, Endeavor Jordan has announced the selection of Qais Sabri and Yousef Nassar, Founders of EON Dental and Dr. Kais Hassan and Abdallah Faza, Founders of Arabot into its global network of high-impact entrepreneurs. The Endeavor ISP, which was held in Riyadh, resulted in selecting 23 entrepreneurs leading 14 companies from 11 markets, reaching a global portfolio of 2,039 entrepreneurs across 35+ markets worldwide leading 1,272 companies. 

Eon Dental is the leading manufacturer of clear aligners – low-cost, plastic orthodontic devices used to adjust teeth – in the Middle East. Upon selection Qais Sabri commented on the selection “We are over the moon to be accepted into the Endeavor fold, and look forward to unlocking the wealth of expertise and knowledge available through the amazing mentors and entrepreneurs.  We also look forward to participating in the entrepreneurship ecosystem and passing forward our success and our failures.”

Arabot offers the first intelligent Arabic chatbot backed up with AI and a deep machine learning framework capable of accurately and efficiently analyzing conversations across Arabic dialects. The bot aims to boost customer experience and automate tasks while simultaneously reducing company operational costs. 

"We learned so much from the journey, encountered great people, got inspired and humbled by all the great ideas in Endeavor. Getting selected in the ISP gave us great joy and sense of accomplishing an important milestone in our scaleup journey", stated Abdallah Faza of Arabot.

The Endeavor ISP is the final phase of a multi-step rigorous selection process, where candidates pitch their companies to top international business leaders and investors from the Endeavor network, making those obtaining a unanimous vote officially Endeavor Entrepreneurs.

Reem Goussous, Endeavor Jordan Managing Director stated that "we are very excited to welcome four new high-impact entrepreneurs into our portfolio. We look forward to leveraging all the resources we have at hand to help Abdallah, Kais, Yousef and Qais to scale their businesses 10X and more. "

Once selected into the network, entrepreneurs gain access to a wide array of services enabling them to scale their businesses, and multiply their impact.

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