Endeavor Egypt Welcomes Wuzzuf and Dsquares to its Network

Press Release

Endeavor Egypt welcomes Ameer Sherif, CEO of  Wuzzuf  and Forasna , and Ayman Essawy, Marwan Kennawy and Momtaz Moussa, Co-Founders of  Dsquares , to its network of High Impact Entrepreneurs.

Wuzzuf and Forasna are online recruitment platforms that connect employers, enterprises and organizations with job applicants – Wuzzuf catering to white collar recruitment and Forasna to blue collar recruitment. Dsquares provides businesses with an end-to-end experience; offering white-label customer loyalty programs that allow brands to deliver loyalty points and promotion to customers at a much lower price than loyalty departments managed internally.

Sherif, Essawy, Kennawy and Moussa were among 15 Entrepreneurs leading 12 companies from 9 markets selected at  Endeavor's 86th International Selection Panel  (ISP) held March 13 - 15 in Cairo, Egypt and hosted by Endeavor Egypt. The 86th ISP gathered panelists, who are top business leaders and investors from Endeavor’s extensive network of board members, mentors and supporters, from around the world to interview candidate entrepreneurs and evaluate them on their high-impact growth potential. Following the interviews, panelists deliberate on which candidates should be selected to become part of the next class of Endeavor Entrepreneurs.

Endeavor strives to select the world’s high-impact entrepreneurs to help them think bigger, make better decisions, and multiply their influence. Through a carefully designed suite of services, Endeavor provides its Entrepreneurs with access to networks, access to talent and access to smart capital. Endeavor Entrepreneurs have had a significant track record of creating 1.5 million jobs, generating $15 billion in revenues, and building sustainable growth models in their home countries.

Endeavor now supports 1800+ entrepreneurs leading 1000+ companies in 34 growth markets around the world. In Egypt, Endeavor currently supports 50 entrepreneurs leading 32 companies including high-impact businesses such as  Vezeeta,   Zooba, TBS ,  LUNA PAC, Baraka Group ,  SWVL,   Family Corporation , SolarizEgypt , Imtenan,   Al-Sagheer , Inertia,Halan, amongothers. Endeavor Egypt Entrepreneurs generated EGP 3.9 billion in revenues in 2017, and created over 8,800 jobs since their selection.