Egyptian startup Eventtus rebrands and looks to disrupt the industry by transforming how events are created and experienced

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Over the past years, Eventtus and the events tech market have been blooming. The company expanded its portfolio, scaled its business and diversified its clients to include the biggest tech conferences, venues, corporates, and exhibitions all over the world.

During that journey, Eventtus had one rule: as important as it is to deliver a high-quality event tech, they must always be experience-first: intuitive, beautifully designed and utterly easy to use.

The Challenge!

Eventtus loved their old logo because it reminds them of the great impact of their brand on the community. It lived with them their achievements and the success stories of their customers and partners; but wasn’t reflecting who they are anymore. It radiated a more playful vibe; yet the brand is evolving as more competent and progressive. They needed a new visual identity that empowers its audience and reflects Eventtus as the global challenger brand it is becoming.

Evolving The Brand: Think Big, Think Easy.

While keeping their brand promise and product quality, Eventtus team has developed their brand identity & communication message to convey their values and current product offering. The new brand system is now clear, consistent and on a par with their experience-first approach.

Eventtus wants to inspire all event stakeholders to realize that event success could be bigger than they can imagine yet easier to achieve than they would think. That's why they are introducing a new motto: Think Big, Think Easy.

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Beyond Event Apps:

Eventtus is extending its offerings to cater to the evolving events market, adding innovative event tech products that promise to be transformative and help achieve their vision of more interactive events.

Their products include Event Apps and Registration & Ticketing. Over the past year, Eventtus has been working closely with the biggest exhibitions and trade shows in the region, the likes of Gitex, Gulfood, ADIPEC and many more. These B2B trade shows had one thing in common: they need to better serve their exhibitors. The whole show revolves around exhibitors, and being able to bring more value to companies investing their time and money at the show. Eventtus noticed the gap and they jumped to bridge it.

Introducing Eventtus LeadBox:

Eventtus has released its new product, Eventtus Leadbox, that grants sponsors and exhibitors the opportunity to drive immediate ROI, with a simple yet valuable Lead Generation tool. Using the app, exhibiting companies can capture, qualify and collect leads, then analyze their performance during the event. This makes it easier for event organizers to plan and up-sell in their upcoming events, based on the collected data.

“LeadBox is simple, yet very powerful tool for exhibiting companies to capture leads, manage the time they spend at events and measure their ROI. I’m very excited for this new addition to our products list and the value it adds to our customers” Says Mai Medhat, CEO and Co-founder of Eventtus.

“We are on a mission to transform events and it was about time that our logo represents our company’s growth and direction” Mai continues.

There's more to come:

Eventtus wants to transform how events are created and experienced, and they’re excited to find new ways to express and build toward this in the future. If you want to read more about their story, visit:

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