Egypt’s Hive raises $400,000 from a Customer Turned Investor

Always reading news about different startups raising funds from VCs and investors?
Egypt’s hive (safe kids ride-hailing) subscription service has raised investment but from a loyal customer. Surprising, isn’t it? Hive’s main focal point has been to improve the degree of customer satisfaction and be consumer-driven more than anything which has led to having one of their customers who is deeply satisfied with their service invest in it. While many services like Swvl, Uber, and Careem are short on youngsters' services, Hive is the only existing transportation service for kids.

Founded last year by Abdelrahman Osama and Mohammad Aboali, Hive has completed over 6000 trips in the last season to 14 different national and international schools. Sometimes, parents just stop signing their kids up for activities they want to do because they couldn’t figure out a way to get them there, an issue most Egyptian parents face, that affects the lifestyle of every kid. Luckily though, Hive is willing to solve that in the near future! Hive is the ultimate reliable solution for the three segments: Captains, parents, and kids.
This ride-hailing service for kids unlocks opportunities for drivers, letting them work as captains for fewer hours with a monthly fixed income.
Also, leaving parents with more time without being obligated to leave work early to get their kids back from school or deal with the daily morning rush. Finally, for kids; they are able to focus more and spend less time in traffic, and using a premium-quality safe transportation service would highly serve their needs and take them everywhere totally safe and sound.

This year, Hive launched Hive sharing service which enables parents to pay less for fuel as they would share the same fuel with other kids’ parents by transporting them with their own kids. Hive is born with the vision of becoming the first ride-hailing startup for kids providing them the safety and comfort they need. It serves a large segment as 43.7% of the Egyptian population is under 19.

School transportation is only phased one, Abdelrahman mentions, as we plan to haul kids anywhere. Hive aspires to contribute a social impact and development by improving the lives of kids, as they would avoid traffic and long bus routes saving their time and effort, and putting them in an enhanced mood to make their day better so they would perform better and live better, says Mohammad Aboali.

Most parents worry about leaving their kids to drivers, but Hive transforms kids transportation, bridging parents aspirations for best experiences for their kids and families, enabling them to track their kids’ ride in addition to being selective with the captains who get hired following a rigorous process that starts with interviewing them, collecting all personal documentation & data, plus receiving attested medical and drug checkups. After that, parents finally get the chance to interview and approve the captains by themselves before subscribing to Hive.

Abdelrahman Osama is inspired by Paul Graham’s concept of creating brand lovability where he says that It’s better to have 100 customers who love you than a million customers who just sort of love you. They also mentioned that improving the lives of kids and having future leaders starts by providing them inspirational comfy transportation to school that helps them focus and perform more effectively every day.

He is planning to expand within more markets having the same problem, reach more affordable solutions and provide more safety in the service as well as leaving an impact and creating a better quality of life for more future leaders, scientists, artists, engineers, doctors, astronauts, athletics, musicians, and entrepreneurs motivating kids to grow and become who they truly want to be!