Egypt’s DentaCarts raises $450,000 SEED Funding

SOURCE: DentaCarts

DentaCarts, as its name suggests, is a one-stop-shop marketplace for dental supplies that offers the widest range of authenticated products via authorized dealers. Moreover, DentaCarts is deeply integrated with dental clinics management software, creating a higher quality marketplace through deep data insights and analytics. DentaCarts is the largest of its kind not only in Egypt but also in the Middle East.

Having been part of Misk500‘s first cohort, DentaCarts was co-founded in late 2017 by Ahmed Yahia and Saad Saleh. The duo has successfully raised an investment of $450,000 from  500 Startups (US), AAIC (Japan), Wadi Makkah (Saudi Arabia), and AUC Angels (Egypt).

This unique marketplace is dealing with three main issues, the fake products that have serious complications to patients' health and safety, limited access to the market then limited choices, and over-inflated prices.

The Startup claims that, so far, they have served over 1500 dental clinics, and delivered over 10,000 orders to Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Kenya, and Ghana. DentaCarts consists of a variety of more than 10,000 items on its platform, from monthly supplies to clinic furnishing, and it has over 100 authorized dealers onboard.

CEO and co-founder of DentaCarts, Ahmed Yahia, commenting on the occasion, said, “We are in a mission to help the dentists in our region by providing them the widest range of authentic products, a premium shopping experience, and the data that can enhance their performance and profitability.”

“The seed is a step in our journey to lead the dental eCommerce in the Middle East and Africa” he added.