Edtech100 launched to celebrate key educators shaping MENA's edtech transformation


Edtech100 has been launched by Edtechia, the strategic education agency set up in 2018 to accelerate innovation in the global education technology (Edtech) sector, and to promote good practice so as to transform outcomes for learners.

Edtech100 is a celebration of work in schools, universities, institutes, and NGOs that are using education technology effectively to support great teaching.

Technology is vital to education. It acts as a catalyst for both teachers and pupils, transforming the experiences of both. There is a need for schools and universities, and educational leaders, to understand the benefits that specific technology tools can bring to their work.

The MENA education sector can be at the forefront of this development, shaping innovation that will improve efficiency, encourage Information Technology (IT) capabilities, and reduce educator workload. It will ultimately make the learning experience a better, equal, and more successful one for everybody.

Hessa Rifai, the creative director of Edtechia, welcomed the creation of Edtech100, saying: “This new initiative and research will highlight and celebrate many of the educators, products, and projects that have most impacted education.

“There are many reasons to be optimistic about the possibilities for technology across education. The use of educational technology is increasingly supporting improved outcomes globally.”

Ms Rifai added, “Technology offers educators a spectrum of opportunities to aid effective and proven teaching practices as well as more capability for themselves, their institutions, and their students.

“We know it can sometimes be difficult to implement new technology or gain access to the evidence and platforms or equipment that educators need. The benefits of digital technology are often seen as innovation that only digital experts can achieve, but that is not the case and there are many great examples of this. This is why the sector must come together to support and learn from each other and build research that innovators can access to create suitable products.”

Edtechia is regularly involved in key education events and awards ceremonies. The agency meets and hears from hundreds of educators that use Edtech to improve results and teacher workloads.

Examples of this include a principal who uses digital technology to enhance special educational needs teaching and an educator who creates STEM kit experiences in partnership with an Edtech company. The Edtech100 will demonstrate how education technology can be a driving force for digital innovation in teaching and learning.

The closure of schools in more than 177 countries around the world because of the Coronavirus pandemic has affected approximately 1.3 billion learners. This amounts to 72.4% of total enrolled pupils and students worldwide, according to UNESCO. This has disrupted traditional methods of education and led to a shift towards distance learning platforms.

All schools, universities, government bodies and educational institutes in the MENA region will be invited to send their case study nominations in. Our panel of international judges will then decide who will make it to the final 100 list. We will then publish an e-book which will be available globally.

Edtechia has already received great feedback and support from educators and education companies. We look forward to continue working with our partners on Edtech100 in the MENA Region.

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Source: zawya.com