Best-selling author Amir Hegazi launches Ecosystem Arabia, with insights from 100+ influential experts

A new book by the bestselling author of Startup Arabia (TRANSFORMENA PUBLISHING, 2018) and veteran Middle East executive, Amir Hegazi, has officially released and climbed to #1 bestseller in the Global Marketing new book releases category on Amazon.

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Ecosystem Arabia captures the perspectives, insights, and ideas of over 100 of the most influential international thought leaders and experts on developing thriving startup and tech ecosystems, as well as some of the most prominent public and private figures in the Arab world today. Through hundreds of hours of one-on-one interviews with key stakeholders—including global and local leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, incubators, accelerators, service providers, media professionals, educators, policymakers, and ministers—it distills the key drivers of building a sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystem anywhere.


Amir Hegazi uses the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region as his research laboratory and case study of a thriving ecosystem in the making. His underlying findings, however, can be used in any environment to drive innovation and transformation. Overall, this book provides a principled, well-structured, and practical approach to seeing and navigating such a complex topic using a comprehensive, multi-lens perspective that is unlike common methods. Ecosystem Arabia examines:

- The building blocks of a thriving ecosystem

- What is not working in ecosystem development globally

- The current state of the MENA startup and tech ecosystem, its evolution and outlook

- Where are the gaps in such areas as funding, talent, cost, and regulations

- The main challenges entrepreneurs face in this region and what can be done to tackle them

- How to attract international talent, companies, and investment

- How to foster practical education and 21st century skills training to empower the youth

- How to create a more innovation- and entrepreneurship-friendly culture and regulations

- The most exciting sectors and tech opportunities in this part of the world

- International best practices and case studies on ecosystem development


Ecosystem Arabia provides a comprehensive blueprint of how communities, cities, and countries can approach nurturing and growing their own new, knowledge-based economies. Whether you’re a global-minded entrepreneur or investor interested in untapped opportunities in the MENA region; an educator or policymaker seeking a more holistic understanding of the inner workings of ecosystem development; or an ecosystem builder looking to be more impactful—this book is for you.

Download a FREE sample <HERE>, or purchase "Ecosystem Arabia" from Amazon <HERE>