Say Hello to Our New Logo: The Story, The Vision, and The Mission Behind Ecomz New Logo and Branding

Big news! Today, after six years of what can only be described as a roller coaster ride, we’re excited to announce the release of our new logo.

Ecomz started as an ambitious ecommerce platform thanks to its powerful store-builder capabilities. As we were growing and overcoming the industry’s challenges along the way, we discovered how difficult it was for our clients to sell online.

We quickly understood that ecommerce is not only about building beautiful websites. It was another level of complexity. The success of an online business lies in learning how to sell - that is, capitalizing on customer experience and engagement.

The technological progress and the transformation of the retail landscape have profoundly changed the rules of the game. The shift from a product-centric to customer-centric paradigm placed the customer at the heart of the retail ecosystem foundation. As a result, he has become more informed, more demanding and less loyal - in other words, more powerful.

Consequently, selling online has become a challenging process that needs to meet the growing demand of an enhanced shopping experience. It became nearly impossible to succeed without following a framework that covers the different steps of the shopper’s buying journey — that is, the entire series of interactions leading to the purchase of a product or service. They should entice customers to visit their stores, make them stay, convince them to buy, and ultimately, make them come back.

At ecomz, we aim to create human commerce experiences and believe ecommerce is an opportunity to bring people together and generate successful outcomes.  We want to connect merchants to their customers and accompany them in their growth. Ultimately, we want to redefine the dynamics in this ever-evolving retail landscape.

Our vision to keep on disrupting the ecosystem by building the world’s largest ecommerce hub and offering merchants limitless opportunities to sell.

Along with the disappearance of the human touch in digital ecosystems, we believe that our company should use -  now more than ever - a human-centric approach. We put clients and partners at the cornerstone of our foundation. We value support and collaboration, and celebrate success. In other words, we believe our clients’ success is also ours.

Our mission is to bring our ecommerce expertise and knowledge to retailers and guide them throughout their business journey, from creation, to management, and finally growth.

The new logo is here to remind everyone about our vision and mission. Please click here to discover the rationale behind the logo: is only the beginning of a new chapter and we truly hope that you’re as excited as we are about this change.
Next step is the website.

Stay tuned!

The ecomz team.